Artisinal Chocolate Tasting







"I've never seen such a beautiful collection of handmade chocolates in such delicious, unique flavours."

Let us show you the world of chocolate. Our chocolate designer has crafted 6 different flavor experiences for you to get to know the many faces of chocolate. Hand-crafted using natural ingredients with some real surprises. With our clever portioning, you can try all of them and savour some of the chocolate afterwards, too.

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This tasting has already taken place

What you'll get

  • 2 tickets to The Tasting Games Craft Chocolate hosted by Adam Fields

  • 4 handmade chocolates (each), designed for The Tasting Games

  • 1 chocolate nib bar to share

  • 1 signature dried flower bar

  • The chance to win a 4 box gift set to share these amazing chocolates with your friends. Sharing is caring!

Chef Anne Fleur

Chef Anne Fleur is an industrial designer turned chocolatier. She has published a number of cooking books and works as a food consultant and designer for leading brands.

Photo: Lucas Hardonk